Pictures from customers

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YankeeBritchin-l.jpg (146906 bytes) Democrat-Harness-l.jpg (107975 bytes) DemocratHarness-l.jpg (102579 bytes) Harness-Maker-l.jpg (100048 bytes)
Picture of a team of mules with yankee britching harness from Jim at Creston, BC Team of paint  horses with Democrat  harness for Eddie at Claresholm, AB. Team of quarter horses with Democrat Harness for Mel at  Wynyard, Sask Harness Maker
Singlehorse-l.jpg (147512 bytes) 3Strapbritchigharness-1.jpg (124019 bytes) Nylon3strapBritchin-l.jpg (104249 bytes) 1200lbteam-l.jpg (100260 bytes)
Single Harness collar and hame style  for Joe at Sedgewick, AB Team of minitature horses with a set of leather 3 strap leather harness for Bernie at Alliance, AB. Team of  Fjords with nylon  3 strap britching harness  for Gerald  at Sexsmith Ab. Team of Dun  quarter horses with 1200 lb team harness for Ken at Wetaskiwin, AB.
3StrapBritchin-l.jpg (133125 bytes) Breastcollarsingle-l.jpg (90661 bytes)
Team of  Fjords with nylon  3 strap britching harness  for Gerald  at Sexsmith, AB. Morgan Horse with a single breast collar harness for Mavis at Buchanan, Sask
Bridlesforclydes-l.jpg (97615 bytes) Leather-covered-cantine.jpg (76060 bytes) Fencing-plier-holder.jpg (104753 bytes)
Bridles on a team of Clydes for Murray at Bezanson, AB.
Leather covered  Cantine that I made   sells for $250,00 Canadian
Picture of a fencing plier holder with staple pouch that fits on back billet of saddle  

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