3 - Way harness means 2 singles or hooked together for a team. Black English bridle leather, all edges dyed and polished. This harness is made for combined driving and also pleasure driving.

Bridles - Patent leather blinkers, box keepers. 1/2" chain link on brow bands, solide rosettes, and driving bits.

Lines - 3/4" or 1" team lines with fold-back buckles.

Britching - Stuffed crouper. Seat britching. Trace carriers. Hold back straps.

Breast Collar - 3 straps over the neck. Martingale snaps to the dee on the front. Dee on the front snaps to the neck yoke.

Tugs - 2-ply and sewed. Heel chains or slotted end. Buckles and keepers for adjustable tugs. 

Back Pads - Patent leather padded back pad with irons. Terrets and McKinney Hook. Shaft holders. Double buckle belly bands. 

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