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Dear Mr Wheller, (Stan)    Sorry that I am so late getting back to you.  Yes I have had time to try the harness and it is "PERFECT".  No there was no customs charge or duty placed on the package by the Govt or Post Office.  My son (one of 4) was telling me that you were wondering if I had had time to examine the harness for workmanship and quality.  The answer to that is also yes and your workmanship and quality of materials are both outstanding and of the highest grade.  I looked for leather quality - superb, whether or not you gave me extra length on all belts to make adjustments or whether you cut them short - superb, I looked for sewing and pressure area quality and reinforcement - all superb.  In final, the question always arises " Would you buy from that merchant again or would you seek to go elsewhere?"  The answer is - definitely I would be pleased to do business with you again in light of the quality in both workmanship and materials.  My wife recently took some photos of the pony outfitted.  I will pass a couple of them on to you via email as soon as they are developed.  Thank you for your service.  Perhaps we will do business again if I need harness.  Thank you.

LeRoy (Lee) Neel    

It has arrived in good shape.  I think that is the nicest mini horse harness I have ever seen.  Thanks is hardly enough to say for this, but Thanks!  I will see to it that it gets to the annual meeting and wherever we can promote it.  Will take photos next week and email you some of our fabulous stud in this harness.  That will be a picture that may be useful for your own catalogue.  I will send it in jpeg format, which most computers can open OK?  I notice that Loomis cost you over $13 so I will send that up to you for the shipping.  Also wondered if, since the price of the harness has gone up, would you want me to send the extra up for this harness - I only paid$535 for it and am certainly happy to pay the rest as it is worth every cent, that is for sure ( I think I should). It is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.  Thanks so much Stan.
Lysbeth & Lori FisherCo-owners of:
Sunnyfield Acres Miniature Horses & Equipment
Three Hills, AB  Canada 
Hi Stan:
Sorry about the virus problem hope I have it all clear had no problems with viruses since I installed Norton Anitvirus just computer problems. Anyway I had just emailed you to let you know how much we appreciate the great service you gave us. As well as the quality of your work and had wanted to let you know that not only are your saddles a comfort to ride in but they fit our horses real nice, no more slipping problems at all, and fit nice at the withers too. Email us when you have that other breast plate done..no rush. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know of who is looking for a saddle!
Thanks again Dan and Roxanne.

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